Terms and Conditions


Amazian Lodge Terms and Conditions

Please note: By accepting the quotation you have accepted the terms and condition set out below:


1.         Cancellation Policy

Cancel on arrival, no show or cancellation during stay or 0 - 14 days prior to arrival - the full payment due will be levied.

Cancel 15 - 28 days before date of arrival - 75% of deposit paid or 25% of full quote value (whichever greater) is forfeited.

Cancel 28 + days before date of arrival - 50% of deposit paid or 25% of full quote value (whichever greater) is forfeited.

Amazian Mountain River Lodge retains the right to cancel the booking at any stage due to unforeseen circumstances and a full refund will be offered on the deposit paid.


2.         Representation

If the Agreement is accepted by a person acting in a representative capacity on behalf of you, the accepting party hereby warrants that all of the information relating to the entity, partnership, association or other person whom he/she represents and which he/she has supplied to Amazian Lodge at any time will be true, accurate and complete.  Amazian Lodge reserves the right to treat all misrepresentations by you as a fraud and you indemnify Amazian Lodge against any loss or damage that Amazian Lodge may sustain resulting from such misrepresentation. 

www.amazianlodge.com is the official web site and we do not take responsibility for content on any other web sites.   


Rates : The rates are subject to change without notice


3.         Licensed Establishment

Please note Amazian Lodge is fully licensed and alcohol is not to be brought onto the property by guests.

4.         All Inclusive Packages

   Please note that our all-inclusive packages are operated on a use it or lose it basis

5.         Outstanding Balances

                           The outstanding balance of payment is due prior to arrival or on arrival.

We do offer credit card facilities at the lodge for payment of the accommodation balance, activities, drinks etc.

6.         Advertising & Website’s DISCLAIMER

All information published on Amazian Mountain River Lodge serves as a guide only.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the general information contained within the Amazian Mountain River Lodge web sites are accurate, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information supplied by the individual hosting websites or personal interpretations, or last minute rate changes.


                www.amazianlodge.com is the official web site and we do not take responsibility for content on any other web sites.   


                        Rates : The rates are subject to change without notice

7.         No Children Policy

As we are a “spoil yourself and your partner” place we regret no children are allowed 15yrs old and younger. Over the age of 15yrs will pay the same prices as an adult.

8.         Lodge Location

a.          A Map with GPS coordinates is provided upon confirmation and we do not take responsibility for the accuracy of a guest’s route plan.

b.         The lodge is situated 7, 3 km from the R617 on a tar  road. An off road vehicle is not required.

c.          Our Photographs on our websites are taken in summer and keep in mind the area changes to a typical brown terrain in winter.


9.         Checking in and out

a)         Please phone for the gate code on arrival as this changes on a regular basis for security reasons.

b)         Check in time is from 3PM and check out is prior to 10AM. Please contact us should you be arriving after 6PM and if you wish to stay longer the rate will be adjusted accordingly and only if it is at all possible.

c)          Please take note that you are required to sign our register and indemnity on arrival as required by law.

d)         A form of identification of a valid (Passport, ID Book or Driver’s License) must be presented on arrival. We reserve the right to cancel the booking with no refunds given, should the person’s identification not correspond to the person that made the booking.

e)          If the deposit was made prior to arrival with a credit card, the exact card must be presented on arrival.


10.       Misconduct

NB: Amazian Mountain river Lodge shall have the full right to cancel any reservation and/ or stay of any guest with immediate effect, should any damage to property be done, the removal of Amazian property from the premises, a staff member and/ or fellow guest be ill-treated or such staff member and/or fellow guest is the subject of any other unacceptable behaviour.

***Please note that any guest that is guilty of the above mentioned conduct shall be escorted from the premises of Amazian Mountain River Lodge with immediate effect and no monies shall be refundable whatsoever.****

11.       Room Type:

All rooms depicted on our websites are almost identical in décor with slightly different colour schemes.

1.         Maximum of two (2) people per room.

Superior Double(King) Rooms –  En suite spa baths and rock showers with King Beds located in the main lodge and 80M from the Main Lodge.

Fantastic view onto the river which does a horse shoe around the lodge.

Standard Rooms – En suite Spa Baths and rock showers with Queen Beds located 400M from  the main lodge

View – River and Mountain - Ideal Target market for younger Couples

2.         Rooms:

a.          Superior Double(King) Rooms are slightly larger than Standard Queen Rooms.

b.         All rooms are equipped with Hair Dryers.

c.          All Rooms have climate control for heating and cooling

d.         Each room is equipped with a colour television and a DVD player, M-net is available in the room and a choice of DVD’s are available at the lodge.

e.          All rooms are equipped with an iron & ironing board 

f.          As we are a Licensed Restaurant and Lodge - not a self-catering establishment, we request that you do not prepare or cook food in the rooms.

g.         All items in the bar fridges will be charged for the same price as it if were served at the lodge.  Please DO NOT remove any items from fridge unless you are consuming it.

h.         Each bathroom is equipped with a normal geyser that will fill the spa bath once, as per the instructions in the room (fill the bath 5cm above the jets). It will also cater for one person showering and one bathing every two hrs.


12.       Emergencies

In Case of Safety or Medical Emergency ONLY, please contact the Lodge on numbers provided in the room or utilize the panic buttons located next to the bed.

Kindly address any general requests to management direct and not to our staff members.

13.       Lodge Operating Hours and Meals

a.         The rate includes breakfast unless otherwise stated, Dinner must be booked in advance.

Main Lodge opens at 8.30am and closes at 9.30pm. The Spa /swimming pool/Gym area opens at 10am and closes at 5pm. (Unless arranged with management otherwise).

b.         All meals are a set menu (breakfast cold and hot,  Dinner is a gourmet meal) and it is imperative that we have your dietary requirements 5 days before arrival.

c.          We do not do Halaal or Kosher certified meals nor do we accept complicated dietary requirements. We do not offer self catering

d.         If you fail to show up for breakfast, pre-booked lunches or dinners at the designated times, you will forfeit the meal and no refunds will be given.

e.          Breakfast is served at 8h30 and the Breakfast area closes at 9h30. Should you need to check-out earlier please notify management the day before departure – a “Padkos” breakfast can be arranged.

f.         Dinner is served at 19h00 and closes at 20h00.

g.         We are classified as a Lodge and therefore room service is not available to the rooms or takeaways during your stay, meals are served in the Dining room.


14.       Weather and Safety

a.          The Drakensberg has erratic weather and therefor appropriate warm clothing is essential!!! – We do not accept complaints regarding the weather.

b.         Beware of open flames and due to high fire danger, please do not flick cigarette buds outside. Place them in the ashtrays provided outside.   

c.          Management cannot be held responsible for any theft or goods stolen – for your convenience a safe and alarm are provided in your room. Please close all windows and turn-on your room alarm upon leaving your room.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

d.         NO SMOKING or burning of candles in rooms is allowed due to the high fire danger aspect, a laundry levy of R3500 will be added to your account if this rule is not adhered to. Our rooms are strictly NON SMOKING rooms. Any damages caused from the above will be for the guest’s account.

e.          Make sure that when using the iron that the iron has been switched of and cooled down in order to prevent any damages or fires!!!!


15.       Energy and Water

a.          In case of a power outage typically due to Eskom’s load shedding or Snowy winter conditions, there are lanterns available on request. Please turn off lights/ aircons if not in your room as we wish to help save electricity.

b.         In order to conserve water could you please place the used bath towels in the bath only if they need to be washed! Towels will be changed once a day, additional changes requested will be charged for.

c. Water Restrictions: During a drought the spa baths may not be able to be utilized.


16.       Room Servicing

As we are a small private lodge we have staff cleaning the rooms as allocated in a schedule according to the best of our ability – your room might only be cleaned after lunch break, in very busy times. If our staff reach your room at the allocated time and they are asked to come back later, the cleaning of your room will be moved to the end of the queue, or may not be cleaned at all that day, depending on the how busy the Lodge is.

17.       Septic Tanks

Please do not place any foreign objects down the toilets as they are operated on a septic tank, packets and a small bin is provided for this purpose.

Fishing - At Amazian we aim to preserve the land and with its pristine waters, we kindly request that all guests engaging in fishing do so on a catch and release basis.  The river is closed for fishing from June to August.

18.       Laundry

Laundry can be handed in before 9.30am to be washed and tumbled dried. Washed items will be returned the next day by 9.30am. Please check with management on Laundry prices. Each room is equipped with an Ironing board and Iron.

20.       Section 17 of the New Consumer Protection Act

      A copy of Section 17 of the new Consumer Protection Act that relates to bookings is attached hereunder for your convenience: Please note that this establishment complies with Section 17(4) of the Act and that the fees set out in Par 1 above (under cancellation policy) is a reasonable penalty. This paragraph confirms that the Consumer acknowledges that the reasonable penalty(s) levied in paragraph 1 above is a reasonable penalty in terms of this booking.


Consumer’s right to cancel advance reservation, booking or order

17. (1) This section does not apply to a franchise agreement, or in respect of any

special-order goods.

(2) Subject to subsections (3) and (4), a consumer has the right to cancel any advance

booking, reservation or order for any goods or services to be supplied.

(3) A supplier who makes a commitment or accepts a reservation to supply goods or

services on a later date may—

(a) require payment of a reasonable deposit in advance; and

(b) impose a reasonable charge for cancellation of the order or reservation,

subject to subsection (5).

(4) For the purposes of this section, a charge is unreasonable if it exceeds a fair

amount in the circumstances, having regard to—

(a) the nature of the goods or services that were reserved or booked;

(b) the length of notice of cancellation provided by the consumer;

(c) the reasonable potential for the service provider, acting diligently, to find an

alternative consumer between the time of receiving the cancellation notice

and the time of the cancelled reservation; and

(d) the general practice of the relevant industry.

(5) A supplier may not impose any cancellation fee in respect of a booking,

reservation or order if the consumer is unable to honour the booking, reservation or

order because of the death or hospitalisation of the person for whom, or for whose

benefit the booking, reservation or order was made.


We hope you enjoy your stay and be overwhelmed with wonder!